Bulletin 2020-002
Work From Home

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Play your own favourite work music
  • Refresh yourself with breaks, exercise and showers at your chosen time during the day
  • Personalize your own work setting
  • Save time on Commuting
  • Access to family.


  • Requires extra planning and setting up work/home boundary to maximize productivity 
  • You will mostly be self-reliant for office support.

Setup Your Routine

  • Prepare a pre-work morning routine such as jogging or walking outside, taking care of small household chores and errands
  • Get dressed for work
  • Review your plan for the work day
  • Check your e-mail and messages
  • Regular scheduled daily briefing with Clients,  colleagues and management for updates and issues.
  • Setup blocks of uninterrupted work hours
  •  Stop work at the end of your work day and leave your defined work area
  • Spend time with family, socialize online, relax and refresh for the next work day.

Working From Home

At Home

  • Setup Your Work Space in a defined area
  • Setup Work/Home ground rules with other home occupants 
    1. No interruption during work hours except during defined periods
    2. Define break times when family can interrupt
    3. Define blocks of work hours for work only
    4. Request 48 hour advance  notice for significant household demands that require more than an hour of work interuption. 

Connected with the Office

  • Clarify with management on what provisions are by the company and what are by you. 
  • Clarify what costs will be compensated
  • Track your Expenses
  • Keep your timesheet updated
  • Setup your daily calendar and make your availability status visible to others 
  • Let others know when and how they can reach you.