Bulletin #2020-001
COVID-19 Response
for Engineers

Social Distancing

Safe Work Place

Reduce the number of staff to essential personnel and only to levels where safety from contamination can be maintained.

Keep work place sanitized frequently.

Take care of each other.

Work From Home

Equipment and tools must be adequate and security maintained.

Sharing Risks

Stay Close to Your Clients

Keep your Clients knowing what the potential impacts to their projects are as early as possible.

Identify strategy to minimize the impacts.  You are in this together.

Resolve in advance how the negative consequences of any project delays will be managed.  Who will be compensated, and/or penalized for delays.

Know what the contract says about force majeure and establish mutual understanding early to develop a strategy to minimize all impacts.

Be Prepared

Re-organized Work Force

Project cancellation and uncertainties may require temporary staff lay-offs or work-share programs to be implemented quickly to ensure survival and future recovery.

Keep an agile work force ready to maintain consistency in project delivery.

De-centralized Work Places

In order to curb the re-surgence of COVID-19 and prevent future pandemics, social contacts will likely require to be restricted.  Prepare for the new normal of a remote work force and distributed work places.